2012-2015 Three-Year Action Plan


Advocacy Education/Awareness Research

June 2008 – Peel community participates in provincial consultation on poverty reduction with Minister Matthews.

March 2009 – Regional Council sends letter to Premier McGuinty to convene a formal committee that includes key senior officials from the provincial government, the Region of Peel, and community stakeholders.

September 2009 – Co-Chair Janet Menard, Commissioner of Human Services, Region of Peel and Regional Chair Emil Kolb meet with Minister Matthews, present a proposal on community hubs developed by the PPRSC.

March 2010 – Hosted first speaker series on the Ontario Deprivation Index, featuring Michael Mendelson of the Caledon Institute for Social Policy and Michael Oliphant of the Daily Bread Food Bank.

November 2010 – Hosted second speaker series on the Social Assistance Review Advisory Council recommendations featuring Pedro Barata, Atkinson Foundation, John Stapleton, Open Policy Ontario and Mary Marrone of the Income Security Advocacy Centre.

November 2010 – Regional Chair Emil Kolb declared addressing child poverty a priority in Peel.

March 2011 – Peel participated in the 'Do the Math Challenge' http://dothemathpeelregion.wordpress.com

May 2011 – Edna Toth, Chair of Peel Poverty Action Group and Member of the Peel Poverty Reduction Strategy Committee is awarded Mississauga's Citizen of the Year for her commitment to raising awareness about poverty and homelessness in Peel.

August 2011 – Hosted a series of community and stakeholder consultations on social assistance attended by Francis Lankin, Commissioner for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario.

January 2014 – Catherine Soplet, Member of Peel Poverty Action Group and Member of the Peel Poverty Reduction Strategy Committee received 2013 Award of Excellence from Ontario Public School Boards’ Association for her pro bono work to place Ministry of Education - Parent Reaching Out grants in public schools.

January 2010 – Data working group established to provide detailed data on poverty and replicate the eight provincial indicators.

April 2011 – Report to Regional Council providing update on provincial poverty strategy and local indicators.