2012-2015 Three-Year Action Plan


The Peel Food Charter is a living document developed by and for the community to Peel Food Charterreflect a collective vision of a just, sustainable and secure food system in Peel, for now and the future.

It includes practical actions that organizations, businesses, individuals, families and government can take to achieve that vision. It serves as a guide to meeting the needs and reflecting the diversity of all who live and work in Peel to achieve a food secure community.

Developed by the Community

More than 800 individuals and groups contributed to the Charter's development over a four-year period. The Peel Food Security Taskforce (*), a group of community members and organizations concerned about food security in Peel, led the community engagement process, recognizing that individuals, groups, businesses, organizations and governments all play important roles in realizing a shared vision.

Bringing the Charter to Life

Regional Council's Endorsement poster

On November 9, 2017, Region of Peel Council endorsed the Peel Food Charter.

"By endorsing the Peel Food Charter, Regional Council encourages all residents and partners to contribute to a community in which all Peel citizens have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food," said Martin Medeiros, Regional Councillor and Human Services Section Chair. "The Charter includes a clear set of goals and opportunities for action, and is intended to inspire ideas to help us achieve a secure food system."

Regional Council also endorsed the creation of a Peel Food Action Council, tasking it with developing strategies to engage community members and stakeholders, including policy makers, influencers and individual residents, to work together to achieve the goals of the Charter.

The Peel Food Security Task Force also created the Peel Food Map, a useful tool to help funders and organizations identify vulnerable communities and service gaps, and to refer individuals and families in need to local food programs, including food banks and breakfast programs. The map includes more than 200 food programs and initiatives in Peel.

Food Insecurity in Peel

Food insecurity means that individuals and families do not have access to sufficient and nutritious food they need to be healthy and active.

  • A significant number of Peel households, about 14 per cent, experience food insecurity
  • Children make up 51 percent of visits to the Mississauga Food Bank agencies
  • Between 2009 – 2016, the cost to feed a family of four per week in Peel increased by 26 percent (from $156.15 to $197.13)

For more information on the Peel Food Charter and how you or your organization can take action on food insecurity in Peel, contact: poverty@peelregion.ca or 905-791-7800 x 8782.

(*) The Peel Food Security Taskforce was created by the Peel Poverty Reduction Strategy Committee.