2012-2015 Three-Year Action Plan


Income security is broadly defined as those programs and initiatives that result in residents having greater income as a result of subsidies, income programs or tax benefits. In Canada, income security programs are administered by provincial and federal governments. This has created numerous challenges for people needing to access one or more of the programs.


A progressive, seamless coordinated system that ensures Peel residents are income secure.


  • Increased awareness of income supports by people and community agencies supporting clients.
  • Increased awareness of and access to income supports by people at risk of or living in poverty.


  • Develop a guide that helps people experiencing poverty and those supporting them to understand the benefits, requirements and eligibility of all income security programs.
  • Advocate for new or improved initiatives that address income security gaps for families and individuals experiencing low-income.
  • Develop an initiative that increases financial literacy.
  • Develop and/or expand initiatives that connect families and individuals experiencing low-income with tax credits and programs for which they are eligible.

Provincial Indicators:

  • Low Income Measure (LIM)
  • Standard of living
  • Depth of poverty

Peel Population Indicators:

  • Families in Peel living below LIM (after tax).

Promising Local Practice:

Enrolled By Six, A Peel Children and Youth Initiative Enrolled By Six: Peel Post Secondary Strategy is a community impact strategy to enrol every eligible child in Peel region in the Canada Learning Bond – Registered Education Savings Plan for post secondary tuition before the age of six.