2012-2015 Three-Year Action Plan


The Peel Poverty Reduction Strategy Committee (PPRSC) was formed in 2008 in response to the Province of Ontario's announcement about the creation of the provincial poverty reduction strategy as well as to the growing and critical issue of poverty in Peel.

Co-chaired by United Way of Peel Region and the Region of Peel, the Committee is a collaborative, which includes local government and the non-profit sector. We recognize that in order to effectively address poverty, we must all work together – people experiencing poverty, residents, businesses, academia, all levels of government and the non-profit sector.

The PPRSC's work has and will continue to align with a number of stakeholders and partners:

  • The Province of Ontario's poverty reduction strategy, Breaking the Cycle, whose goal is to reduce child poverty by 25% in five years.
  • Region of Peel's vision that Peel is a safe, healthy, prosperous, sustainable and inclusive community that protects its quality of life.
  • United Way of Peel Region's Investment Strategy From Poverty to Possibility.
  • Vibrant Communities Canada - Cities Reducing Poverty, a national multi-year initiative with a vision that participating communities, all provinces and the federal government will develop aligned poverty reduction strategies that will see one million people less poor.
  • Peel's Community of Practice for Collaboration, a local initiative that aims to continue the dialogue around meaningful change to quality of life in Peel.
  • Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario (PEPSO), a new research study that looks at how unstable, poorly paid employment affects families and communities in different communities in Southern Ontario.
  • Poverty Free Ontario, an initiative of the Social Planning Network of Ontario, whose mission is to eliminate divided communities in which large numbers of adults and children live in chronic states of material hardship, poor health and social exclusion.